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Carpet in San Luis Obispo, California


Looking for stain-resistant and pet-friendly carpets that handle everything your family can dish out for less? Just another reason friends send friends to Phillips Flooring America!


Phillips Flooring America offers a remarkable selection of carpets in the style, color, and price you want. Your final choice is sure to reflect your own unique vision. But with so many options, the biggest question is where to start. Begin exploring all the possibilities at our local flooring store!


Whether you’re looking for a traditional plush carpet, a contemporary loop, or maybe the visual impact of a pattern or print, Phillips Flooring America has what you want. Visit our carpet showroom in San Luis Obispo, CA, today to get started!


soft neutral carpets in a bright living room


What Are The Carpet Fiber Types?


To pick the right carpet fiber, consider how you live in each room. There are four basic types of carpet fiber:


Nylon is the most durable and stain-resistant carpet fiber available when treated with stain protection. It is the fiber of choice for homes with pets and children and for those who entertain often. It’s also perfect for heavy traffic in hallways and stairs.


Polyester is known for its luxurious look, feel and wonderful selection of colors and styles. It's an excellent value for homes with a normal amount of traffic.


Olefin offers reliable stain and moisture resistance but scores below nylon and polyester for wearability. It is best suited for loop pile construction or high, very dense cut piles.


Favored for its natural beauty, wool carpet has natural soil resistance qualities but is not inherently stain resistant. Wool looks beautiful for many years and is well constructed.


How is Carpet Constructed?


Over 90% of residential carpet is manufactured as tufted carpet. A tufting machine works like an oversized sewing machine with hundreds of needles that insert loops of fiber (tufts or stitches) into the carpet's backing to form the face pile of the carpet.


How long your carpet will last depends on how well it is made. Quality construction will affect the durability, appearance, and price of the carpet and is most influenced by the twist of the fibers and the density of the tufts.


Twist refers to how tightly the fiber (carpet yarn) has been twisted. The tighter the yarn is twisted, the better the carpet will stand up to crushing and matting. This is especially important in cut pile carpets because the tips are exposed and can easily become untwisted. Frieze carpet has the highest twist level at about 7-9 twists per inch (TPI), whereas most cut pile carpet styles have between 3-6 twists per inch.


Density refers to both the amount and how tightly packed together the fibers are within the carpet. The closer together the fibers are placed, the denser the carpet will be, and the better it will wear and perform.


What Are the Types of Carpet Textures?


In addition to the type of carpet fiber, density, and twist, you can also select your ideal carpet texture based on design preferences and performance needs. Our knowledgeable carpet specialists are happy to help you make a flooring choice that suits your lifestyle.


Carpet textures available include the following:


Cut Pile Carpets
Cut pile carpet consists of yarns that are cut at the ends. The soft feel of cut pile carpet makes it a perfect choice for the most comfortable areas of your home—bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms. There are five basic styles of cut pile carpet: Velvet, Saxony, Frieze, Shag, and Cable, each providing a different look and texture. The primary difference among these styles is the amount of twists in the yarns that will ultimately influence the carpet's durability.


Loop Carpets
Loop carpet has yarns that are looped and uncut on the carpet surface. The pile height can vary from low, tightly constructed to a more luxurious high-level pile. Loop carpet has strength and soil-hiding capabilities. This style is ideal for heavy-traffic areas. Berber is the most popular style of loop carpet that can be constructed as a level-loop or multi-loop carpet.


Cut-Loop Carpets
As the name suggests, this carpet has a combination of high-cut tufts and lower loops in a variety of sculptured patterns. Cut-loop carpets offer reliable performance but are slightly less durable than loop carpets.


soft carpets in a living room with velvet blue chair


Why Choose Carpet for Your San Luis Obispo Property?


Knowing the features and benefits of each carpet type will help you choose the perfect floor for the way you live. Our San Luis Obispo customers choose carpet for its variety of benefits in both performance and style, including:


How to Select the Best Carpet Design for Your San Luis Obispo Home


Think of your floor as the fifth wall that connects all other design elements in the room. Consider the walls, window treatments, and other furnishings when choosing a color scheme and texture. Bring your ideas and preferences when you visit our San Luis Obispo store, where our flooring experts will assist you. Use our Floor Visualizer Tool to explore carpet styles or discuss your ideas with our friendly design experts at Phillips Flooring America! 


Professional Carpet Installations with Local Contractors 


For lasting style and durability, utilize our professional carpet installation services in San Luis Obispo, CA. We have the experience and professional tools for a swift and precise installation that lasts. Further, we want you to feel confident in our carpet products and installation services, that’s why we back each installation with our industry-best Adore Your Floor Guarantee. Should you be dissatisfied, contact us within 30 days, and we'll make it right on our own dime!


Contact us today to start planning your carpet renovation! We proudly serve San Luis Obispo, California, as well as the surrounding communities. 

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brown carpet in a modern living room with leather couch and pink accents
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